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Addressing Microaggressions More Productively

To create or sustain a collaborative, open, and inclusive workplace culture, it’s vital to address the subtle acts of exclusion that happen when leaders, managers, and individual contributors try to be funny, to bond, or to show curiosity but inadvertently exclude people with marginalized identities. This digital module builds a deep understanding around what these subtle interactions are, why they happen, why they are a problem, and most importantly how to productively speak up about them when they do happen.

From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion

In this digital module, users dive into the topic of unconscious bias, not just to ‘check the box’ on the latest diversity buzz word, but to understand what unconscious bias really is, why we all have it, how it affects our work, and how we can lessen its effects to improve performance. Users learn about these concepts while also examining their own biases and beginning the journey of awareness that can disrupt bias before it threatens diversity and inclusion.

Contineo Virtual

This gamified learning experience is played “live” on a specialized web-conferencing platform. Users are guided through learning key foundational concepts such as diversity, equity, inclusion, unconscious bias, stereotypes, etc. by a moderator. And the deepest learning comes from competing as a team in a breakout room against the other teams, as users interact with and learn from one another.

Don’t Guess My Race

This award-winning interactive program sparks deep understanding and courageous conversations about identity, diversity, bias, and the social science that underlies many critical diversity and inclusion topics. Chosen as one of the hundred most innovative educational programs in the world by the Finland-based HundrED in 2017, 2018, and 2019.
Don't Guess My Race
Contineo demo
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Contineo makes it easy for people to work beyond their differences and connect with each other.

Using live-action game play and healthy competition, Contineo provides a safe space to explore diversity and inclusion and its impact on business results.

Learn more at playcontineo.com

Why Contineo Works

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    Goes beyond checking a box, engages people to create real change.
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    Our trainer certification program lets organizations conduct the game themselves.
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    It can be tailored by organization size, industry, country and language.
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    By modeling inclusion through game play, Contineo breaks the mold of traditional D&I training.

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