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Do you have important content to cover in a webinar, but want to avoid coming across like Charlie Brown’s teacher, droning on and on? We know that young children have short attention spans, but put an adult in front of a screen and studies show that when bored, adults too have only eight seconds before being tempted by distraction.

What can you do to stimulate your webinar audience and amplify engagement?

[ 1 ]

Use tools to actively engage your participants. Tools such as the chat box allow participants to ask questions throughout the webinar, not just at the end. Sprinkle in live polls and quiz questions, since everyone likes to get a right answer.

[ 2 ]

Add surprises and humor. It doesn’t have to be a stand-up act, but adding in a few unexpected jokes and stories, as well as creative prompts can make your content more memorable and enjoyable for participants.

[ 3 ]

Break up participants into groups. By alternating between the main room and breakout rooms, you give participants a more intimate experience, where every voice can be heard (and no one can hide).

[ 4 ]

Make sure your webinar is as accessible as possible. To get full participation, you should ensure that everyone can fully participate. Ask about accessibility needs ahead of time and accommodate as appropriate.

[ 5 ]

Turn your webinar into a game. When people compete, engagement levels soar, and your participants actively learn. One way to do this is to divide participants into teams where they meet in breakout rooms and use the whiteboard tool to craft answers. Then everyone gathers together again in the main room and the moderator can lead pertinent discussions. Since everyone has a stake in the outcome, participants aren’t distracted, and everyone wins.

At inQUEST, using the Adobe Connect webinar platform, we’ve recently adapted our live action D&I experience, Contineo™, into a virtual game. Now, remote and distributed employees can have the same innovative training experience—so no matter if you’re playing in person or virtually, Contineo provides a fun, safe space to explore diversity and inclusion issues, and their impact on business results.

Please contact to set up a demo and see for yourself. Game on!