Photo of Gloria Cotton

Be Mindful and Careful As You Are "Being the Change" - Lest You Only Exchange and Remain Imprisoned, Not Change and Be Free

If you have been, or are being bullied, discounted, disrespected, ignored, embarrassed, overlooked, endangered, harmed, traumatized, etc. (or an ally and champion for others):

  • Be careful that you do not intentionally or unintentionally make the problem worse by “giving as good as you got.” Be careful that you do not create a monster to eliminate the monster that is attacking by becoming one yourself.
  • Learn the whys, hows, particulars, and strategies of your abusers so you can address, stop, remove and replace the large and small cogs in the systems of hatred. Don’t become part of that same machine, just pointed at a different audience or the original machine.
  • Be mindful, watchful, and careful. Combat hatred with accountability, commitment to, and insistence of earned consequences – and love. As you stand up, for, and with yourself and others who have been discriminated against, and worse, don’t become crippled with the same crippling diseases that sought and were used to cripple you.

Gloria is a Senior Partner at inQUEST. The opinions expressed in this article are hers and do not necessarily reflect those of inQUEST Consulting.