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It’s not enough for the topic to be interesting, current, or even crucial to a company’s success. To make training sessions effective, they have to be conducted—and subjects have to be discussed and taught—in ways that participants find fun, or challenging, or thought-provoking.

Or, when you implement gamification, all three.

Gamification simply means the applying of game mechanics and principles—team challenges and rounds of scoring, for example—to make the process of exploring and learning a subject more effective and enjoyable.

It’s become one of the most reliable training techniques in the last few years, but still hasn’t been relied upon and utilized by companies. That’s why inQUEST saw an opportunity to make Contineo, its D&I training for companies in all sectors and of all sizes, a game experience.

“Business leaders are learning the importance of D&I to their company’s success and gamification creates the most engaging, enjoyable way for their coworkers and employees to explore the subject.”

The inQUEST experience begins by organizing participants into teams. Each team’s members will then collaborate as a group to complete quizzes, challenges and discussions—exploring Diversity & Inclusion and learning a great deal more about each other in the process.

In addition to being built upon gamification to be effective and enjoyable, Contineo was designed to be quick, customizable and affordable.

“Even day-long workshops are becoming a thing of the past…”

“…and companies are investing in training, but they’re asking for four-hour onsite trainings for executives and less of a time investment for hourly employees. So we created an experience that can be enjoyed in three hours and broken into 30-45 minute chunks,” says inQUEST Senior Partner, Gloria Cotton.

Several purchasing tiers are offered, and the experience can be tailored to companies of any size, most anywhere in the world.

Some of today’s most innovative global companies, including Toyota and 3M, have held Contineo game sessions. To treat your company to the experience, visit