Photo of Kelley Johnson

“Everyone needs a coach.” — Microsoft Founder Bill Gates
“The best advice I ever got: get a coach.” — Google CEO Eric Schmidt

So, if some of the smartest, most successful people are telling us to get coaches, why aren’t we all meeting with leadership coaches right now?

For a number of reasons, companies traditionally leverage leadership coaches for only the organization’s top levels. The logic may seem sound at first: top levels are where you find the majority of leadership positions, so bring in coaching when people reach the leadership level. But companies are missing the bigger picture. Investing in leadership coaching for broader talent segments provides better assurance that stronger leaders will be coming through the pipeline, creating a stronger talent pool today for leadership tomorrow.

As we enter a new year, we believe it’s time for a fresh approach to leadership coaching, available to all, so that every member of your team is empowered to accomplish all they’ve set out to do. It’s part of our promise to invest in our clients’ growth and unlock potential from top to bottom.

What does coaching do?

At all levels of talent, coaching helps individuals improve their own careers and foster a better work environment by:

  • Accelerating performance, development and leadership goals
  • Finding their way forward when navigating business and people leadership challenges
  • Gaining better insight into strengths, personal values, and performance risks to create custom development and action plans
  • Growing their careers and impact to the organization and community

What does coaching look like?

Coaching can come in a variety of forms, depending on your needs. From one-on-one coaching to group coaching circles, we can help you identify and address opportunities for improvement, help you lead more effectively, and partner with you to proactively strengthen your team as individual and collective leaders within your organization.

What type of coaching should we seek?

It depends on the employee. inQUEST has created a visual aid that helps you identify where your employees are on a leadership/performance potential scale, and help you choose specific leadership activities that will help fill in gaps and augment strengths. You can find out where your team members fit by checking out our informational sheet here.

Imagine every employee enjoying access to an experiential boost in their leadership potential.

We’d like to invite you to reach out to our coaching professionals: Kelley Johnson, CCLC, and Karen Doerr, SPHR. Kelley and Karen have years of experience leading individual and small group coaching, and helping entire teams work more effectively together.